Getting on with the season

Weather is finally stabilizing and we are all but caught up on our scheduled maintenances for the spring. One more week should finish out the rest, and we can get on with new installs as they are ordered.

  With the large water flows in the Columbia River, there has been some movement of cement blocks, or hangups of foreign debris in the Seaflex systems on the East side around Brewster. We will be diving on these systems when the water subsides to look at what is causing the problems and re adjusting anything that needs done.

Next Saturday we should be in the Pleasant Harbor area of Hood canal as we have a couple of installs, and have to retrieve some systems that the WSA had us put in, but the NAVY had us remove.( Sorry to the divers of Pulali Point as this was a nice setup that provided a safe and reliable accent line as well as mooring)  Jim

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