August 2015

On Aug. 7th our first Quarter Master Harbor area mooring systems were installed for those that had received their DNR permits. We have been following up with the WA. Dept. of Natural Resources’ – Aquatic Division on this project with meetings etc. for over 2 years now. They have a great staff and have been good to work with.

Helix moorings have been tried and tested for their longevity and holding strength since 1992 for boat moorings. For anyone interested in researching our helix mooring systems along with our website here at Alpha Marine Installations we also encourage you to visit;   and

So far this year we have installed Helix anchors for the Skokomish Tribe Net Pens, Seaflex – helix dock jobs, private recreational moorings, dive surveys, as well as system cleaning and inspections. We now offer permitting services for our clients.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions, we are glad to help!

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2014 season

We have had  the busiest season ever this year. Our service load is growing significantly to the point it is getting impossible to keep up, as well as our install numbers that are way up. We appologize to the customers we have had to make wait, or even haven’t gotten to yet, but hope they  realize we are covering the whole State. We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel for this year and by next season we hope to have a SERVICE TEAM up and running. I have also been set back this season by two injuries ( nothing seriuos , just painful for a couple weeks each time) and some boat trailer issues. All in all though , it has been a great season, and potential customers need to know we are available most of the fall & winter, and can put those systems in for next spring then without being overscheduled !!!  Thanks for helping us be successful, Jim Arnold

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2012 season kicking off

Weather is always a factor this time of year when it comes time for installing Helix anchors and getting to the services. Soon as the wind dies for a day or two we will be out to start Spring services and some installations that are ready to schedule. We are looking at Port Townsend area as well as Gig Harbor, Southworth, S.Whidbey,and Bellingham area to start. Within the next 2 months we should be able to cover the state .

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site recognition

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We had a setback: lost a whell bearing and hub on the boat trailer and have been waiting for parts. We will be back up and running by this weekend if all goes as planned , and will be in the San Juans, servicing some late callers , doing a couple installs, and surveying a dock for feasability of changing over to a Helix/Seaflex anchoring system as thge dock is getting HAMMERED by the winter storms. Our system should eliminate the exrtra work of pulling the dock out for the winter as the Seaflex takes up the shock load on the dock that piles enforce. Then a trip to Gig Harbor area and the South Sound region after that.  Jim

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Getting on with the season

Weather is finally stabilizing and we are all but caught up on our scheduled maintenances for the spring. One more week should finish out the rest, and we can get on with new installs as they are ordered.

  With the large water flows in the Columbia River, there has been some movement of cement blocks, or hangups of foreign debris in the Seaflex systems on the East side around Brewster. We will be diving on these systems when the water subsides to look at what is causing the problems and re adjusting anything that needs done.

Next Saturday we should be in the Pleasant Harbor area of Hood canal as we have a couple of installs, and have to retrieve some systems that the WSA had us put in, but the NAVY had us remove.( Sorry to the divers of Pulali Point as this was a nice setup that provided a safe and reliable accent line as well as mooring)  Jim

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Services now being executed

We’ve been up around the south end of Whidbey Island, both East ans west sides, putting in new installs and catching the scheduled services. Also been up at Brinnon doing the same on Hood Canal. Our next areas coming up are Hood Canal, North Shore area ; Back to the San Juans and Lummi Island area; South of West Seattle and East Vashon ; and out of Pt Defiance, Hopefully within the next couple weeks as the weather is finally getting more stable.   Jim

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We did a trip to the San Juans with (2) unsuccessful install attempts due to cobble and rock last Friday ( 4/22 ). The customers were not charged for the attempt. One customer opted for us to epoxy in a rock anchor at a later date. The other job was referred to a local Dive company for installation of a gravity anchor ( 4000 lb cement block). We were successful in getting (5) services out of the way. The wind has been just too much for us so far this season, only getting out about a half a dozen times,  so far. Looks like this weekend will be calm so we will be out trying to catch up some. My apologies to those who have been waiting patiently for us.          Jim

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The new Alpha Marine website launch date: 3-24-2011

If all goes as planned, the new Alpha site will be up and beta testing on 3-24-2011. Please report any errors that you might encounter and enjoy Jim’s new site.

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Alpha Marine blog launch Feb. 2nd 2010

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